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after school tenns league

The SCJTL After-School Tennis League is ideal for new and experienced junior tennis players ages 6 to 12 years old to meet and play tennis with other kids.
The After-School Tennis League (ASTL) provides Suffolk County kids the opportunity to experience the lifetime sport of tennis while playing on teams in an affordable structured league that emphasizes fun, fitness, and friends. After-School Tennis League policy is "no one is left out."

SCJTL After-School Tennis League is an outdoor program that features SCJTL SAFE Practices and registration, conforming to new and developing Social Distancing (CDC, State, USTA) guidelines for safety.

  • Minimum age of participation is 6 years old.

  • After-School Tennis League Division is modeled to conform to USTA ROGY (Red, Orange Ball) levels. Each level is divided in to their own session to provide maximum time, courts and social distancing for level play and competition. Click here to learn more about Divisions.


    Update: 8/14/20:
    Current programs for 12 - 18, yellow ball, experienced JHS, Jr. Varsity, Varsity players:

  • Performance|Competition Training - Fall
  • Fall Tennis League
  • -------------------------------

Limited registration for each session to allow social distanced use of courts:

    Registration will be closed when maximum reached for each session.

    "Call for Availability" will be provided to find possible openings.

  • All registrations are processed thru the online the SCJTL Member Site:

    • Parents/Guardians required to agree to SCJTL Terms Of Service in order to register for the After-School Tennis League and any SCJTL program and service.

    • New policy is assurance that everyone in the program agrees to SCJTL Terms of Service.

Registration is CLOSED!

Weekday Afternoon/Early Evening

Up to 5 weeks.
September 14 - October 14, 2020*

This program has been completed.

Last minute registrations accepted.
Online registration only.
No walk-ups. 


Updated Divisions!

Please note: As a result of registration, Divisions have been readjusted to provide maximum participation and experience.


  • Beginners/Advanced Experienced
  • Red ball, 36ft Courts
  • Mondays and Wednesdays


  • Beginners/Advanced Experienced
  • Orange ball, 60ft Courts
  • Mondays and Wednesday.

Red and Orange Divisions play at the same session time on separate courts.

  • 5:00pm -6:30pm (1.5 hrs.)
  • 5 Weeks: $180

Openings still available!

Click here for Red / Orange Division info.


  • Beginners/Advanced Experienced 10 to 12yo.
  • Green ball, 78ft Courts
  • Mondays and Wednesday.
  • 6:30pm -8:00pm (1.5 hrs.)
  • 5 Weeks: $180

Limited registration available!

Click here for Green Division info.

Registration continues throughout the program!

Last minute registrations are accepted.
Register online and go your site ready to play.

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Please contact us at:
SCJTL Programs: 631-590-5019


Only the best in tennis!

The After-School Tennis League is a unique "Learn, Play, Competition" tennis experience for all ages and skill levels!

The oldest, largest, and most established community tennis program on Long Island, the USTA Eastern Section covering, New York and New Jersey, and still the only tennis program of it's kind!

As the only outdoor community tennis program in Suffolk County , the SCJTL After-School Tennis League is a great follow-up to the After-School Tennis League providing additional experience for SCJTL After-School Tennis League players and also welcome new players to the lifetime sport of tennis.

The flexibility and inclusive design of this unique and highly attended program is at the core of all SCJTL programs, offering something for everyone no matter what degree of interest in tennis.
SCJTL was created to "provide an adventurous experience in the lifetime sport of Tennis". The After-School Tennis League is first and and still the best tennis program to accomplish our mission!

After-School Tennis League features include:

  • Low cost, flexible registration, local instruction, combined with "discovery learning thru play" format in a peer group environment.

    • Play up to 5 weeks during weekday afternoons.
      Ideal for kids after-school programs for kids who want to learn and play tennis in the afternoon a couple of days per week after-school..

    • SCJTL Flex-Reg System offers flexible registration from the full 5 weeks to as little as 1 week.* Click to learn more about Flex-Reg.

    • Session time lengths offer the right amount of time for instructions and play each age group.

    • Circular curriculum is designed based on the SCJTL Flex-Reg System so players registered for full or partial are included in all activities. Everyone is included in every activity regardless of registration length!

    • Players play with other players, no line feeding, developing send/receive skills highly necessary, rarely taught, for better tennis player development an early stage while providing the fun experience of playing tennis with their peers.

    • Age and skill level specific Game Based drills offer tactical introduction a fun environment relative each players level of commitment.

    • STL Players experience, singles, doubles, group games including learning the rules of tennis. Site Ladder and Team Matches prepare players for Challenge Week Team Tournament. Ideal Preparation for play on school tennis teams and USTA tournaments.

    • Players can play and learn with their friends while making new ones!
      Players are encouraged and shown how to play tennis with friends and family outside the program.

  • Site staffing and curriculum designed to create highly supervised and secure, student centered environments for kids to learn and interact with their peers.
    • Each Site is thoughtfully staffed with SCJTL Staff Team of responsible and dedicated Coaches, who are closely connected to the After-School Tennis League.

    • Each STL Site is managed by carefully and thoughtfully selected Site Directors experienced with SCJTL for many years with most having played in the After-School Tennis League in the past.

    • After-School Tennis League Site Directors and Managers are USTA Net Generation Coach and Safe -Play Certified. Click here to learn more about Staff.

ASTL is and ideal outdoor, safe and responsible, tennis experience design to offer the same experience as the SCJTL After-School Tennis League.

After-School Tennis League Recreational / Competition Activities Include:

  • Instruction: Racquet/ Rally Skills, Agility-Balance-Coordination, General Technique,
    Games: Tactical, Doubles, Singles.

  • Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow Division Competition: Ladder Matches, Site Team Matches, Skills Standings

After-School Tennis League Registration Includes:

  • Team Shirt: 1 per registered player.
  • Cloth Glove: 1 per player*
  • 1 SCJTL program commemorative medal included with registration.
  • Challenge Day Team Medals: Challenge Week placement medals for Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow Division team members whose registration includes Challenge Week. Click here to learn more about Challenge Day.

Players will need to provide:

  • Players will need to provide the following personal equipment:
    • To avoid accidental sharing, Players are required to have their full name clearly written on every item brought.
    • Age specific tennis racquet.
      • Red (6-8yo): 21” to 23”
      • Orange: (9-10yo): 25”
      • Green, Yellow: 27” (full size)
    • Clothing
      • Shirts, shorts, sneakers (no sandals or flip flops)
    • Personal safety pack:
      • Gloves
        • *1 reversible cloth glove will be included with registration.
        • Additional gloves will be available for purchase as part of PPE-Pak ($5).
        • If no glove at check-in, a PPE-Pak will be provide at purchase price.
      • Face covering
        • Face mask, gaiters.
          Player will not play with mask over their faces. Instead they may be asked to wear them around their neck and instructed to cover up when they get close (within 7 feet) to ATC/SCJTL Staff and other players.
    • Personal
      • Water, sunscreen and anything personally required.
      • Players may bring their own sanitizer.
        Supply will be readily available and used directly on hand and on gloves, during check-in, check-out, and throughout the session.
    • Bag, drawstring or regular backpack, with full name clearly written for easy identification.
    • As a service, supplies may be available in limited quantities for purchase at a modest price, online and at the site. Payments may be made online during registration or at site for exact amount (no change will be available or transacted).

After-School Tennis League Site Locations:

More about the After-School Tennis League:

After-School Tennis League sessions are categorized according to age, grade,skill level and experience.
SCJTL teams are organized to match players of similar age and ability. Rules are made flexible to accommodate age and level abilities. Team scoring systems are designed to count everyone's eff

SCJTL 10UT Division is now split into 2 Divisions, 1-1/2 hr. sessions:

  • Red Division: 6 to 8 year olds - Red Ball, 36 ft courts

  • Orange Division: 9 to 10 year olds - Orange Ball, 60 ft. Courts
    Advanced Orange: New players 10-12 yo. - Green Ball / 78 ft. court

After-school Tennis League Sites and activities are supervised by a trained and highly motivated staff of Site Directors, Site Managers and Senior Coaches.
Site Directors are USTA Net Generation Certified Coaches and Safe Play Certified.
Site management structure is designed and implemented to provide maximum attention STL players.

Can't play all 5 weeks?
The After-School Tennis League Flex-Reg System is a a flexible registration system from five (5) weeks to as little as one (1) week.*
Can't make both days?
Schedule the days you can make.
Scaled registration fee is determined by how many weeks attending.
Every 2 days = 1 week. No 1/2-weeks.
Instructions available on all Mail-in or Online registration forms

*2020 Update: Flex- Reg system is limited to managed session social distancing limits. All options may not open until determined by SCJTL.

Players play at their registered location during the program except on CHALLENGE DAY.
All sites, except the Challenge Day site are closed.

SCJTL Challenge Day!
After-School Tennis League players experience Team Tournament competition for medals and Challenge Site Cup points against all other After-School Tennis sites.
Challenge Day competition is on the last day of the program for each Division at the SCJTL Training Center - Commack tennis courts.

Challenge Day must be selected to be included in player's registration.


How to Register

Register By Mail

  1. Download Form
  2. Complete
  3. Mail

Register Online

  1. Login/Join
  2. Enroll
  3. Register