Town of Islip discover Tennis Program

Contracted by the Town of Islip
Town of Islip Board

Town of Islip Spring Tennis Lessons

Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation

Instruction and program management performed by the Suffolk County Junior Tennis League administration and staff. Sponsored by the Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation.

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Spring 2022

Tennis Lessons for
Juniors (4-17yo) and Adults(18+)
Beginners and Advanced Beginners

Open to Town of Islip Residents and Non-Residents.

3 weeks - 6 sessions twice per week
Spring Session



Juniors 4 to 17


Ages 6 to 8: 5:00 to 6:00pm
Ages 9 to 10: 6:00 to 7:00pm
Ages 11 to 12*: 7:00 to 8:00pm

*Beginner 13 years old welcome

*All sites have the same TIME schedule.
Schedules and locations may be adjusted in order to maximize enrollment. Notification
will be given before program starts.

Spring Session 1


Juniors Spring Session 1

Days: Mondays/Wednesdays
Dates; May 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25




Spring Session 2

Juniors Spring Session 2


Days: Mondays/Wednesdays


Dates; June 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22





Dates; June 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23



Adults 18+

Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Days: Saturdays

Location: Town Hall West
Tennis courts on Pardee Ave., Islip. Click here for Google map directions.

Adult Spring

Dates; June 4, 11, 18, 25


*Schedules and locations may be adjusted in order to maximize enrollment. Notification will be given before program starts.

Program Fees

Town of Islip Residents* = $120 pp.

Non-Residents = $145 pp.

Prices are per player for the full program weeks. Proof of residency required by Town Of Islip.

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SCJTL Programs: 631-590-5019



Discover Tennis instruction for grades 1 thru 6

Town of Islip Discover Tennis Lesson Program is an outdoor program.
Schedule consists of 2 sessions:

  • Session 1(Juniors only) - runs in May.
  • Session 2 (Junior & Adults) - runs in June.

About Discover Tennis Program:

  • Discover-Tennis (12UT) Lesson program is modeled to conform to USTA ROGY (Red - Orange - Green Ball) levels.
    Each level is divided in to their own session to provide maximum time, courts and social distancing for level play and competition.
    SCJTL is one of the first 12UT programs in the US (first on L.I.) when launched in 2006!

Ages 6 to 8 - 36 ft court - 21 to 23" racquet - New to advanced beginners, 1-hour sessions.

Ages 9 to 10, - 60 ft court - 25" racquet - New to advanced Orange Ball experienced, 1-hour sessions.

tennis kids green ball

Ages 10 to 12 (beginner 13yo welcomed), - 78ft court - 27" racquet - New to beginner Green Ball experienced, 1-hour sessions.

Click here to learn more about 12UT Tennis.

  • Program designed by USTA National 12+Under Tennis Specialist, High Performance Coach and Specialist in Competitive Player Development with over 50 years of tennis playing and Coaching experience.

Adults: New and advanced beginners. Sessions use LearnTennis format.

  • Instant Tennis learning progressions to develop racquet and rally skills.
  • QuickStart tennis balls on 1/2 to full size courts.
  • Singles and doubles basics.
  • Group instruction. Class sizes from 6 to 12 players per class.
  • Tennis skills games and match play.
  • Meet other adults from the community.

    Learn more at
  • Instruction by experienced staff supervised by Certified Tennis Professional.
  • SCJTL supplies the tennis balls.

Town of Islip Park Locations:

Lake Ronkonkoma Beach, Lake Ronkonkoma
299 Rosevale, Ave, Lake Ronkonkoma
Click here for Google map directions.

Anthony Casamento Park, Bay Shore
101 Munsey Rd., Bay Shore.
Click here for Google map directions.

Town Hall West - Adults
Tennis courts on Pardee Ave., Islip.
Click here for Google map directions.

Tennis balls and loaner racquets provided. Players are encouraged to bring their own tennis racquets.

Parent may purchase junior tennis racquets online and receive it on the first day of the program.
(Click here to visit the SCJTL Equipment Site)

Rain Cancellation and Make-ups:
Rain cancellations made up on Fridays, or by adding extra sessions. Announced by email, web site, SCJTL program line.
Call 631-590-5019 for information regarding cancellations due to rain, or visit (click "ANNOUNCEMENTS" button).


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