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The following information supports SCJTL Player Development.
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ATP Self Belief | Motivation
Must See!


Water vs Sports Drinks



Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Training


Must read! Sports Fitness Advisor: Tennis Training

Tennis iCoach: The right shot selection.

Recovery In Tennis: USTA Recovery Project Player Development (Pdf)

Video Training

How to learn from watching a video.

  • Watch the video several times first.
  • After you are use to it, start watching the PLAYER not the ball.
  • Look for the main points of the video but notice what the players is doing.
  • Visualize yourself doing the same thing.
  • Shadow the movement(s).




Videos on the Directionals by Paul Wardlaw.

Short video with basic Directionals (4:54 min)

Full video including Return of Serve, Volleys, Court Positioning, Shot Selection and more. (32 min)


Directionals Training

Chuck Kriese Power Training

Return Of Serve using Directionals


Directionals and court zones point play by the Pros.

Federe vs Zeverev
Shanghai 2019


Djokovic vs Machac
Dubai 2023


Stroke Analysis

Video 1 Points:
Racquet preparation.
Contact point
Follow through

Video 2 Points: Roger Federer Backhand Volley

Video 3 Points: Roger Federer Volleys


Video 3 Points: Kim Clijsters Backhand

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