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Selecting the correct tennis racquet size.

When selecting a tennis racquet size, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Children Aged 4-6: Opt for racquets between 19 and 21 inches in length.

  2. Junior Players Aged 7-10: Choose racquets between 23 and 25 inches.

  3. Juniors / Adults Aged 11 and Above: Use a standard 27-inch racquet with the appropriate grip size and weight.

Remember to select a racquet that matches your physical development and skill level.

10 and Under Tennis Racquets

How to measure tennis racquet for kids:

Holding the racquet by your side, the head should be just above the floor but not touching it to ensure the correct size.

For aghes 11+ and Adults: Full size tennis racuqets are 27" in length. Adult beginner tennis racuqtes are sufficient to start with. As the player's commitment level increases, the size of the racquet face, grip, compsitieion, design and strings will vary. SCJTL recommends consulting with a tennis specialty pro shop for the best tennis racquet.
SCJTL recommends Grand Slam Tennis Pro Shops for the best in trusted customer service and advice.

10 and Under Tennis: Equipment Sized Right For Kids


Not only does tennis promote flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination, but it's also a great lifelong skill that can be improved upon for years to come. Set your child up for tennis success by selecting the right racket for their young bodies. Choosing a kids' racket is a different process than choosing an adult frame - take a look at our Kids' Tennis Racket Guide to learn more and to determine which size racket is best for your little player.

The tennis racquets below are ideal for beginners as a "first racquet. SCJTL is committed to gudiing everyone with the right advice for every level of commitment.
When ready, contact SCJTL ( Email SCJTL or call: 631-590-5019) for the best information and advice about the "next" racquet. You will be provided with enough information to make the best decision.

Please note: Images below represent tennis racquet size. Actual tennis racquet brand(s) depend on availability from various manufacturers.

SCJTL highly recommends the proper tennis racquet for each age group
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  • White Division (4 to 7yo): 21" and 23"
  • Red Division: 23"
  • Orange Division: 25"
  • Green and Yellow Divisions: 27" ( Full size)

All tennis racquets:

  • Limited inventory while quantities last.
  • NYS Sales Tax included.
  • Images represent racquet sizes. Brand may be different than depicted.
    Other brands available if image brand is not available.
  • Limited inventory. Available to SCJTL program members while quantities last.