SCJTL Skill Level Calculator


About and how to use.

Tennis Skill Level
The SCJTL Skill Level Calculator is a tool designed to help place players in the appropriate SCJTL program.
SCJTL Skill Level defines the Player Rating based on your input.
Helps decide where to best place to start your player.
Used as a guideline together with verbal and visual rating by an SCJTL Player Development Coach or Program Coordinator.

How to use:

1. Enter your player's age.

2. Select the number of years playing tennis in any capacity

3. Select the experience description(s) that best describe your player.

4. Use the score to select the program to register or start with.
5. Verbal and visual rating may also be used.


Contact: Email SCJTL or call: 631-590-5019

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SCJTL levels: The purpose of the SCJTL Skill Level Calculator is to help with initial player placement.
Every effort is made to place a player in the most positive session environment and beneficial SCJTL experience based on program qualifications and design.
Most placements are settled:

  • Following program grade and skill levels descriptions.
  • More complex questions may be settled using this calculator. SCJTL program descriptions will be be updated to use Skill-Levels in the descriptions.
  • Parents may call SCJTL (631-590-5019) or email SCJTL with important placement information.
  • Final assessments can be verified "visually" by qualified Site Director or Program Coordinator once the player is on court and in the context of other players in the session.

SCJTL prefers to enter the lower level and move players up rather than the other way around. Players may also choose to play with friends and peers over move toward more appropriate levels.
SCJTL reserves the right to final placement of any player based on the program objectives and design.