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Weather updates call: 631-590-5019 >Next PCTeam session 1/26 at Sportime KP.....  Click Here for ANNOUNCEMENTS.
  • Making tennis more accessible and fun for Long Island

  • Have fun playing for your school team

  • See the benefits of 10 and under tennis

Welcome to the Suffolk County Junior Tennis League!

learn. play. train. compete.

Since 1997, SCJTL has provided programs, events, and resources where Suffolk County, NY kids, parents and community learn, play, train, and compete while enjoying the benefits of a lifetime sport.
SCJTL provides Suffolk County youth opportunities to learn and play tennis with friends and peers.
SCJTL is not just for kids. SCJTL adult programs give grown up kids a chance to join in on the fun!
Our mission is simple: provide quality tennis programs that are more accessible, affordable and fun.
Join us on the courts!