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The information provided on this page lists ALL SCJTL tennis programs throughout the year whether they are running or not.

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Town Of Islip Tennis programs Learn and Play

Juniors - Adults

Community tennis lesson and competition programs for Town of Islip residents and non-residents contracted by the Town Of Islip.

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Summer Varsity Tennis League Competition

Ages 13-18
Level: Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Varsity
Tournament: L3, L2, L1 (prep)

Competition program for teens experienced in tennis. Program provides competition experience and training. It is a great way for teens ages 13 to 18* to get exercise, make new friends, find practice partners, improve competition tennis skills. On court with Suffolk County's top Varsity Tennis Coaches.

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Summer Tennis League Learn and Play

Ages 6-18
For all new and experienced junior tennis players

Low cost, local, instruction, combined with “discovery learning thru play” in a peer group environment. Sites are designed to create highly supervised and secure, student center environments for kids to learn and interact with their peers. Play up to 6 weeks during weekday afternoons. Ideal for players who are attending camps during the day and want to play tennis in the afternoon a couple of days per week.

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SCJTL Training Centers - learning and skill development facilities. Training

All ages and levels.

Learn and improve tennis skills thru SCJTL Personal Coaching Services and SCJTL Player Development programs. SCJTL Player Development Coaches are professionally certified and meet SCJTL standards for teaching and training tennis players from beginners to advanced levels.

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SCJTL Tennis Team Workshops Training

Ages 12-18
Level: Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Varsity
Tournament: L3, L2

Tennis player workshops series preparing juniors for the tennis team and tournament competition experience.

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SCJTL Tennis Team Competition Competition

Middle School (JHS) - Varsity Tennis Team Competition

Players compete for team points using Team Tennis Showdown format. Timed match play. Singles and Doubles match play!
Singles and doubles competition. Open to boys and girls with Jr. varsity and varsity tennis team experience.
Please note: This is a competition event. No instruction.

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SCJTL Player Assessment and Tryout Training

Registration to open soon in May 2023.
Ages 12-18, Level: Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Varsity

Free on-court session open to all experienced players 11 to 19 where players and parents will learn about the SCJTL Player Development Programs.
SCJTL Coaches will evaluate players for placement in, Performance Competition Training and High Performance Training programs.

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Performance|Competition Training - Summer Training

Ages 12-18
Level: Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Varsity
Tournament: L3, L2

Saturday tennis team tennis camp. 6 Saturday sessions running July and August.
Ideal 3 hr. training for experienced players grades 7 through 12.
Preparation for school tennis team and USTA tournament competition.

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High Performance Player Development Training

Ages 12-18
Level: Varsity
Tournament: L3, L2, L1

It's the training that determines the player. This program is designed focus on technical aspects of tennis skills with varying intensity levels.

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Discover Tennis Programs Learn and Play

Grades K thru 12

Community tennis lesson programs for kids ages 4 thru 17, beginners and advanced beginners, designed to discover tennis.

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Challenge Series SCJTL Tournaments Competition

Ages 12-18
Level: Middle School, Jr. Varsity, Varsity
Tournament: L3, L2

SCJTL tournament competition and ranking system for SCJTL White & Blue Division players. Singles challenges using a timed and modified scoring formats will be played at participating SCJTL programs and sites. Results are determined by points. Points accumulated from each challenge will be converted to ranking points and accumulated to rank all players. Rankings will be posted on the SCJTL Web Site.

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All-Aces-Tennis Junior Development

Junior Development Tennis instruction for ages 4 to 18.

The new ALL-ACES-TENNIS Program is Directed on court by a USPTA Certified Elite Professional with over 30 years of player development experience.
This program is expanded to provide more training and more sessions ,outdoors, at an affordable fee.
Clinic players will participate in age and level appropriate drills, games and conditioning that will improve their skills on the court. 

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SCJTL does more than provide tennis programs.
SCJTL supports the growth of tennis in Suffolk County. Informing and educating the community about the benefits of tennis along with sharing national initiatives has been a core mission resulting in the the creation of the SCJTL and considered in the design of every program.

10 & Under Tennis Initiative

Ages 4-10

SCJTL 10UT programs are designed by USTA National 10 and Under Tennis Specialist, High Performance Coach and Specialist in Competitive Player Development. Instruction by experienced staff supervised by Certified tennis professional.

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School Tennis Initiative

SCJTL promotes involvement in all aspects of school tennis, such as: Introducing juniors to tennis at elementary school ages, participation and preparation for Interscholastic tennis competition on middle school, junior varsity, and varsity tennis teams, and more.

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Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation

NY State and federal 501c3 Non-Profit, USTA Community Tennis Association and tennis services and promotional organization facilitating and supporting Suffolk County community, school, junior and adult tennis programs and initiatives since 2003. supporting.
SCJTL is the contractual service provider and supporter of the SCTEF.

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SCJTL Workshops

SCJTL administrated and provided tennis educational experiences on and off the court in partnerships with the SCTEF, USTA and members of the tennis industry and community.

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Adult Tennis Programs



Community tennis lesson programs for adults thru TryTennis new player adult tennis initiative sponsored by the Suffolk County Tennis & Education Foundation.

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