SCJTTL competition events are being developed. Events will be sposted here when finalized.

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Suffolk County Junior Team Tennis League (SCJTTL)
Est. Jan. 2022

The SCJTTL is establish to organize and provide junior tennis team competition events in Suffolk County, NY.

The SCJTTL is a work in progress. Development is planned thru the scheduling of tennis team events and supporting the growth of team tennis in Suffolk County, NY.

SCJTTL Structure:

  • Sponsored by: The Suffolk County Tennis & Education Foundation (Non-profit 501c3)
  • Organized by: The Suffolk County Junior Tennis League

The SCJTTL features:

  • Team Matches: Are promoted to enhance the team competition experience arranged directly by 2 teams at an arranged location.

  • Team Challenges: Scheduled team tournaments and events such as SCJTL Varsity Tennis League competition events, that will include multiple teams following SCJTTL guidelines and match formats.

  • Team Championship:  Culminating events schedule at the end of a designated season.

  • USTA Junior Team Tennis: SCJTTL events may be counted as USTA JTT sanctioned matches thru the SCJTL Competition Squad USTA Team program. Regional competition is promoted as an optional experience.

  • ITF World Tennis Number: SCJTTL events will generate WTN points once the intitative is launched. Click here for more info about WTN.

SCJTL USTA Competition Squad Memberships and Affiliations:

The SCJTTL goal is to provide year-round team competition experiences supporting Varsity tennis team seasons

  • Pre-Season
    • Pre-Season preparation
  • Post Season
    • Post-season team experience
  • SCJTTL will schedule Team Challenge events:
    • Seasons
      • Indoors:
        • January thru April
        • Indoor Team Challenge/Championship locations
          • Eastern Athletic C Blue Point
      • Outdoors:
        • May thru October
        • Outdoor Team Challenge/ Championship locations
          • Casamento Park, Bay Shore
  • Team Events:
    • Team Challenge:
      • Multiple team event
        • Minimum 3 teams.
        • Determines event 1st, 2nd 3rd, place outcome
    • Team Championship
      • Multiple Team championship event
      • Determines SCJTTL League 1st, 2nd 3rd place standings
        • Award presented.
        • Additional sponsor supported features

Tennis Team League planned for kids:

High School

Middle School

10 and Under Tennis


Local Tennis Team Tournaments and Competition

First ever Suffolk County Junior Tennis Team League (SCJTTL) Team Championship was held on April 22, 2022 at EAC -Blue Point.

Four teams from Eastern Athletic Club- Blue Point and SCJTL Competition Squad competed for placement. Very competitive matches finished with close scores.

1st Place: Comp Squad - Joe Team: Ray, Leah, Hana, Katie, Ashley.
2nd Place: Comp Squad - Jimmy Team: Eric, Bella, Tori, Abby, Gabby.
(difference of 1 point!)
3rd Place Tie: EAC Teams Blue and Red. (difference of 4 to 5 points!)

Congratulations to players, coaches and families.


High School

Tennis team tournaments

Open to organized teams

SCJTTL guidelines

Team sizes and make up.


Code of Conduct: Players and Coaches

USTA Rules and Regulations - The Code

For information about forming a JTT team, hosting an SCJTTL event, contact SCJTTL:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 631-360+-8047

Visit the SCJTL Comp Squad USTA Team on


USTA Junior Team Tennis National web site.

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