In a decision that will fundamentally change the future landscape of tennis in the United States, the USTA has passed an amendment to mandate that all 10 and Under Tennis tournaments be played using the following:
             • Smaller courts with lower nets
     • Lighter and lower-bouncing balls
              • Smaller and lighter racquets adjusted to a child's size

    The change took effect on January 1, 2012, and applies to all USTA-sanctioned events for children 10 and under. This new, confidence-building play format designed for kids 10 and under makes it easier for kids to pick up a racquet and have fun right away - even if they've never played before. By using equipment sized right for them, kids learn quickly, develop better technique and love the game for life.

Studies on the benefits of 10 and Under Tennis Format.

Study on the effects of Scaling Tenis Equipment on the Forehand Groundstroke Performance

April 29, 2013


Green vs. Yellow Ball Research Study


It's A Whole New Ball Game
QuickStart Tennis using the new 10 and Under Tennis play format is like Little League Baseball and other youth sports such as soccer and basketball. These youth sports employ smaller equipment and fields/courts so that kids can achieve success the first time out—and sustain that success every time they play.

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Let's Move! with the First Lady: 10 and Under Tennis

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Recreational QuickStart TennisWorkshop

QuickStart Tennis Seminar

About QuickStart Tennis

Quick Start Tennis vs. Full Court Video

QuickStart Tennis Launch at Disney

QuickStart Tennis Launch Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center

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The Suffolk County Junior Tennis  League  (SCJTL) was among 27 sites selected throughout the Unites States to test  the new 36/60 progressive tennis development concept. This concept is what is now know as the new QuickStar Tennis program.

SCJTL adopted QuickStart as standard programming format for the SCJTL Green and Red Divisions forming 36' and 60' court teams.
The 2007 SCJTL Green and Red Division Challenges held at the end of the Summer League program  featured Team 36 and Team 60 competitive match play.

SCJTL established the SCJTL Summer League Green and Red Divisions as SCJTL QuickStart Tennis Divisions with over 500 players!

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QuickStart Tennis Format

QuickStart Tennis is a new format to help kids ten and under learn and play the game of tennis. To make it easier for them, we changed a few things. The court sizes. The racquet sizes. The balls. The scoring system. Even the net height.

Now any child between ages five and ten can start playing tennis almost immediately-even if he or she has never picked up a racquet before. And just like other popular youth sports, QuickStart stresses the importance of play and team competition. It's also now part of the USTA Jr. Team Tennis league and can be part of your existing programs as well. Which means that even more kids will have the opportunity to experience this new format, have fun playing with their friends and develop skills that will become the foundation of their game.

This new instructional approach, formerly called "36/60," has been designed by the USTA in partnership with the teaching associations (USPTA and PTR), and through research by the International Tennis Federation.

QuickStart Tennis vs. Full Court Tennis

Jorge Capestany, founder of, offers a profoundly revealing video comparing the QuickStart format to Full Court Tennis training for young players. Jorge Capestany is 1 of only 9 people worldwide that is a Master Professional with both the USPTA and PTR. 

USTA launches QuickStart Tennis at Disney!
Martina Navratilova    Mary Joe Fernandez and Martina Navratilova

Tennis legend and Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova believes a manageable-sized racket will help kids rally longer and subsequently stay involved in tennis. Martina and USTA's Federation Cup Coach and Tennis Commentator Mary Joe Fernandez at Disney.


Watch Martina Navratilova and Mary-Joe Fernandez play like the kids on YouTube.

QuickStart Tennis Launched at the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The same weekend that the QuickStart Tennis format was launched at ESPN The Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl., more than 80 tennis coaches, pros and active volunteers joined together in Philadelphia to get an inside look at the new initiative.

Hosted by Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis & Education (AAYTE), USTA Middle States sponsored its own QuickStart Tennis workshop from 4:30-7 p.m. on Saturday (March 1, 2008) evening.

Two national QuickStart tennis trainers, Joe Arias, Smithtown, N.Y. and Rita Gladstone, Port Orange, Fla., led the three-hour workshop, which showcased the scaled down courts, smaller racquets and foam beginner balls.

USTA High Performance Coaching QST for Long Term Participation

USTA 10 and Under Tennis Pathway