USTA High Performance Coaching

January 14, 2009:

Joe Arias (center back) completed the Interactive phase of the USTA High Performance
Coaching Program in Boca Raton, Florida on January 11, 2009.


 October 29, 2008:

Dear Joe:

The USTA Coaching Education Department would like to congratulate you on being selected to participate in the USTA High Performance Coaching Program. The  January 6-11th, 2009 training week ( the Interactive phase of the program) will be held in Boca Raton, Florida at the USTA Training Center located at the Evert Tennis Academy and Hilton Suites.


Paul Roetert, Ph.D.
Managing Director
USTA Player Development

March 19, 2009:

Dear Coach,

Congratulations on successfully completing the final phase of the USTA High Performance Coaching Program.  The Developmental plan served as the “Application Phase” of the program and signifies completion of the program.  We will now notify the USPTA and/or PTR regarding your successful completion.  They will then proceed with the certification process.

In the near future we will be notifying you of the schedule for the continuing education courses that will be offered in the second half of 2009.

It was great having you in the program and once again, congratulations.


E. Paul Roetert, PhD
Managing Director, Coaching Education & Sport Science
USTA Player Development              

What is USTA High Performance Coaching?

USTA Coaching Education Department mission statement:

To elevate the level of High Performance Coaching in the United States with the intent of facilitating the development of world-class American tennis Champions.   

Established in 1999 the purpose of the USTA Coaching Education department is to gather, develop, and disseminate the latest information in coaching education for all coaches in the United States.  This effort includes the creation of educational materials (such as the High Performance Coaching newsletter, Coaching Education website and instructional DVD’s, videos and books) as well as having the department conduct seminars and workshops. 

The USTA has initiated the USTA High Performance Coaching Program, which is the flagship of the department’s educational effort.  The program is intended specifically for the coach working with players who are striving for excellence in tennis (i.e., sectional junior players to collegiate and young professionals).  The USTA Coaching Education Department has established the educational component in cooperation with the USPTA and the PTR.  Upon completion of the curriculum, the USPTA and/or the USPTR will certify the coaches. Since it’s inception in 2000 over 650 coaches have successfully completed the program!

Click here to see USTA High Performance Coach selection requirements.


Completion of USTA High Performance Coach Certification will also earn USPTA Specialist in Competitive Player Development Certification

In cooperation with USTA Tennis Coaching Education Department

USPTA-certified teaching professionals who specialize in developing players who compete or will compete at the highest levels of tennis now can be recognized for their expertise by gaining certification as a Specialist in Competitive Player Development.

To earn the specialist credential, teaching professionals must successfully complete the USA Tennis High Performance Coaching Program curriculum administered by the USTA’s USA Tennis Coaching Education Department.

Professionals committed to developing competitive players play a vital role in the future of professional tennis and in the lives of the players they teach. This specialist program, like those already in place and being added, offers USPTA members a significant educational experience and an opportunity to distinguish themselves as true specialists.