High Performance Training Program

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This program will not run in Fall 2019 due to insufficent qualified registrations.

September 15 thru October 20


9:00 am to 12:00 pm (3hrs)


SCJTL Training Center - 74 Hauppauge Rd., Commack

6 Sessions $480
4 Sessions: $340
Single session Waiting list Fill-in: $95

Players must qualify for this program:
Contact SCJTL to see if qualified.:
Email SCJTL - Call: 631-590-5019

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The SCJTL High Performance Training Program is designed with strong technical focus combined with fitness and tactical components

  • Tennis Mechanics/Form - All Tennis Strokes - Court Movement

  • Getting junior tennis players to move like the pro's using developmental progressions.

About the SCJTL High Performance Training Program:

The SCJTL High Performance program is designed with strong technical focus combined with fitness and tactical components.

This program will feature 2 groups during the same session.
Players will training in appropriate group based on skill and expereince level determined by SCJTL Coaches:

High Performance Skill Development:
Group based intense focus on developing technical skills and form based on USTA Player Development guidelines.
All -Court game style skills:

  • -Offense/ defense, point building zone shots

  • -Transition pressure zone shots.

  • -Volley/ point ending zone shots.

  • -Proper advanced serve/return technique.

  • -Movement technique to support successful high level competition results.

  • -Practice/ self training methods and regiment to support High Performance play.

High Performance Select:
High intensity training designed to enhance competition skills.
Limited size group selected by SCJTL Player Development Coaches.

  • Session includes:
    • High Intensity training of all-court game style skills.
    • Fitness/ movement training for high intensity successful competition.
    • Short score format match play training early match lead.
  • The design of the SCJTL High Performance program centers on students gaining:
    • Proper training and understanding of pre- and post-match warm-up and recovery techniques.
    • Training of the importance of specific fitness training for tennis. 
    • The awareness of good technical fundamentals of tennis movement and strokes necessary to practice purposefully for improvement.
    • A foundation for building an individual style of play.

Open to:

  • SCJTL Skill Level: 50+

  • Player Skill level Advanced players over 12 years old with experience in top position on school team and/or USTA tournament experience.

  • Player qualification and program placement are determined by SCJTL Coaches with consideration of benefit to player current developmental stage and program objectives.

  • Varsity level (All-Division, All-County, All-State) experienced players.

  • USTA Level 3, 2, 1 tournament experienced players.

  • USTA Regional and Sectional ranked players.

  • Most important: Players who are committed to follow a tennis training program that will help get them to play like top level players!

Qualifying college varsity tennis players are welcomed for off-season training.

No other program focuses on these important aspects like this one.

On court with 2 USTA National High Performance Coaches:

Joe Arias:
USTA National High Performance Coach
USPTA Certified Elite Tennis Professional and Specialist in Competitive Player Development
SCJTL Competition Squad USTA JTT Regional and Elite Teams Head Coach
Stony Brook School Varsity Tennis Head Coach
2018 Suffolk County Boys Varsity Division 3, Finished:#2
2018 PSAA NY Girls Varsity Champs

Jimmy Delevante:
USTA National High Performance Coach
USPTA Certified Tennis Professional
ISSA Certified Master Trainer
SCJTL Competition Squad USTA JTT Regional and Elite Teams Head Coach
Commack Boys Varsity Coach
2018 Suffolk County Boys Varsity Champs.

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