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This program is currently under development for 2022-23

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To inquire about possible openings contact SCJTL:
Call: 631-590-5019


Session Dates*


*Dates subject to change due to facility schedule change and Inter-club match scheduling. No session held at Sportime during away matches.

**Inter club match: TBD



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One-time Seasonal Team fee *: $40.00* 
Team fee is paid at start of each new season.

Practice and Match Session Rates



Registration continues throughout the program.


Want to try or try out for the program? We want to be sure that not only you are right for the PC-Team, but the PC-Team is right for you. Players may try or try out for the program. Tryouts are available after first session. Try out fee is $75. for 1 prepaid session .

Contact SCJTL for arrangements.

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Please contact us at:
SCJTL Programs: 631-590-5019


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Weekly comprehensive team tennis experience with themed practice sessions, inter- club team matches (extra match fee) and PCTeam team tournaments (held at Sportime, included in scheduled) designed to provide match play experiences. Team practices include a training theme combined with singles and doubles match play.

PCTeam Interclub Match Photo Albums

PCTeam Dec. 18, 2021 Winter Tournament Winners

SCJTL PCTeam away match at EAC Blue Point January 15, 2022

SCJTL PCTeam / Competition Squad combined team away match at EAC Blue Point 2018.


SCJTL Flex-Reg feature: Attend and pay for only the session you can make.
Sportime membership NOT required for this program.

Performance|Competition Team Coaches:

Jimmy Delevante - Joe Arias

Player Qualification:

Due to limited court availability (set by the facility at this time) player qualifications will be limited to the following:

Experience Level:

  • Ages: 14 thru 18 - Grades 7 thru 12
  • Jr. Varsity and Varsity experience,
  • SCJTL Skill Level rating: 35+
  • Player must be able to effectively participate in "live-ball" drills and play.

Some exceptions made based on player skill/experience/commitment level.

Registration may close when limits reached.

This may change as the program progresses during the season..
  • Not sure of level:
  • Contact SCJTL
  • Tryouts arranged after program starts.

Questions about qualifications:

Click Here for Eligibility Requirements


  • Join the team: $TBDone time team seasonal fee. (Includes SCJTL PC-Team shirt.) Your email address is entered on the team roster.

  • Weekly team practice/match announcements emailed to team members only.

  • You select to participate in what ever and how many sessions you can make.

  • Pay-As-You-Play (PAYP) only for the practice/matches you can attend.
    Everyone plays regardless of number of sessions attended.


Sessions take place Saturdays, 5pm to 8pm unless otherwise indicated for away matches.

PC-Team team members are emailed every week with upcoming session, registration reminders and session status.


  • Players will need to provide the following personal equipment:
    • Age specific tennis racquet.
      • Yellow: 27” (full size)


Match fees are determined by opposing club charges and conditions.
10-pak does not apply to away matches.

  • * One-time fee paid with registration covers team fees and shirts.
    Non refundable, payment made upon enrollment.
  • ** Pay-As-You-Play: Fee per practice or match.
  • Indoor practices take place at TBD.
  • ***Package for 10 prepaid and pre scheduled practices.
    • Sessions applied throughout season.
    • 10pak does not apply to away matches.
    • Players must still enroll for each session.
    • All must 10paks be used before end of program. No refunds for left over once program has ended.
    • No refunds for practice cancellation within 24 hrs. or no shows.

    Confirmation of practices and matches made by e-mail.
    All fees must be pre-paid as required . Payments made payable to SCJTL .
    Online registration and payment is available.

  • Confirmation of practices and matches made by e-mail.
  • All fees must be pre-paid as required . Payments made payable to SCJTL .
    Online registration and payment is available.


PCTeam Tennis Ladder Standings

Click here to see SCJTL Ladder Standings for all programs.


SCJTL Performance|Competition Training Site

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PC-Team players are eligible to join the SCJTL USTA Team and compete in the USTA Junior Team Tennis  Regional and Sectional season.
Separate registration for this program required



Remind App:

SCJTL uses the Remind App to communicate directly with players registered in the program.
Players are sent info related to any training topic covered as well as direct message of upcoming sessions and events. .

Login information available in PCTeam email to registered members only.

Email Notices:

  • Please note: Free ISP email providers are now filtering emails without user permission. This results in emails from SCJTL to SCJTL Members going to spam.
    A "White list" is an exception that allows emails from selected senders to make it through the spam filters. To be sure you get PCTeam program emails please "WHITELIST" this email address.
  • PCTeam emails are sent weekly to PCTeam members..
    You may elect to attend any practices or matches you want to.

  • Attendance is not assumed.
    Please respond if attending:
    Per session attendees must be registered and paid before the session date.
  • 10pak holders:
    Please let me know you still plan to attend even if you put a date in your registration.
    If you do not respond, and I do not see your registration on the SCJTL member Site, I will assume you will not be attending.
  • Last Minute:
    If you have not registered and decide to come down last minute please be sure Practice/Match is ON.
    If you said you were not coming and then are able to... come on down!.
  • No Shows:
    If you said you are attending then can’t make it: Please contact me to cancel. 
    No refunds or credit for “No-Shows”.
  • PCTeam tournaments:
    Take place at Sportime Kings Park for PCTeam program members only.
  • Check schedule and status:  Call: 631-590-5019


  1. Log-in to your SCJTL Member site.
  2. Under your player:  Click ENROLL
  3. Click: Performance|Competition Team
  4. Register Online Now:
  5. Per session payment may be made online.
    Payment at session by check/cash is acceptable for last minute show-ups.
    Hand payment to JA or SCJTL staff member (Sportime Staff do not take any payment or handle or are involved any SCJTL program issues).


Program runs TBD

Saturdays - TBD


  • Days: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Dates: TBD

PCTeam match announcements.

Inter club Away Match posted here :


PCTeam Interclub Match Photo Album: January 30, 2021

About the Program

  • Comprehensive team tennis experience with practice sessions, inter and intra club team matches, and participation in team tournaments designed to provide match play experiences
  • Theme based practice, tennis team drills, and intra squad and challenge ladder match play.
  • Team practices will include fitness, movement and tennis training theme.
    Doubles and singles competition in every practice session!
  • Team members may register for only the practices and matches they are available to participate.
  • Everyone plays in every practice and match registered for.
  • Inter club matches: The SCJTL PCTeam competes against local club teams.
  • PCTeam Challenges: Singles and doubles tournament for team members.
  • PCTeam Ladder: Singles matches for standings among team members played each practice session.
  • SCJTL USTA Junior Team Tennis Team: PCTeam Members are given first preference to join the SCJTL USTA JTT Team. Click here to learn more.

Player Eligibility:

  • This program is open to participants  on Junior Varsity and Varsity tennis teams  and SCJTL Yellow Division players ages 14 to 18.
    2022 program court limitations require players will to have the experience and ability to perform all court activities, competition levels, and able to remain engaged in a 3-hour session of live ball drills, singles and doubles competition.
  • Minimum Skill Level Rating: 35+
    Click here to use SCJTL Skill Level Calculator.
  • Players must be enrolled in SCJTL PCTeam program (pay Team Fee) to participate in team matches and practices.
  • Additional requirements may be necessary based on team participation
  • PCTeam shirts supplied for all team members.
  • No minimum number of matches to attend to be on the team!

Player Qualifications

  • Boys and Girls ages 14 to 18.
  • Playing experience and looking to train to qualify for Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity tennis teams.
  • Already on Junior Varsity, and Varsity tennis teams.
  • USTA Regional Level 3 and Sectional Level 2 and 1 tournament players.
  • USTA Regional and Sectional ranked players.
  • SCJTL Green and Yellow Division level.
  • SCJTL Skill Level Rating: 35+
  • Some exceptions outside of listed qualifications may be accepted
  • Eligibility may also be determined by the level of players already registered in the program.
    Not sure or have a question about eligibility? Email and ask  SCJTL


How to Register

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  2. Enroll
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