Tennis Fitness Training

Summer 2016


6:00 pm to 7:15 pm

Starts: June 24, 2016

Registration to start April 2016


Location: SCJTL Training Center, Commack


1:6/24 2: 7/1 3: 7/8 4: 7/15 5: 7/22 6: 7/29 7: 8/5 8:8/12
Program Prices:

8 weeks = $200 ($25/session)
* Best Value - Also registered in
Summer Tennis League Blue Division
Performance|Competition Training
High Performance!

Not registered in qualifying SCJTL program.
8 weeks =
7 sessions = $245
6 sessions = $210
5 sessions = $175
4 sessions = $140
3 sessions = $105
2 sessions = $70

Single session/ Trial session rate = $40

Players who are registered for the program can attend any and all sessions without giving notice"
Single session attendees must email SCJTL or call (631 590-5019).

Coaching Staff:

Directed By Jimmy Delevante
Director of SCJTL Training Center.

Athletic fitness training for experienced tennis players.

Training will be scaled to the players current level of physical fitness not their level of play.
Covered in each session:
        Speed and Agility Training: Develop quicker feet and better reaction time for increased performance
        Power : Develop more explosive movements and the ability to generate force during performance
        Flexibility: Increase your range of motion and prevent injuries during play.
        Endurance: Improve both your cardio vascular system and your muscles ability to maintain successful performance for longer periods of time.

Ideal preparation for school team tennis, tournament play and college tennis.

Designed to help experienced tennis players increase their level of fitness by becoming faster, quicker, stronger and more well rounded athletes.
        Focus on proper technique in order to maximize productivity and prevent injury during exercise and competition.
        Educate players about how to improve their range of motion, how to move more efficiently and increase proprioception.
        Sessions are designed to offer the proper work to rest ration for performance in tennis competition.

Registration is open to:

Experienced athletes between the ages of 12 and 18
Limited number of spots, players who are registered for high performance programs or have USTA rankings will be given first priority.    

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Weather Cancellations:

In the event of rain, players/ parents will be notified of session status by text message.


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SCJTL High Performance Ladder