SCJTL Ladder match program

SCJTL programs include Ladder match play.
Ladder Standings are kept for Advanced Red (Orange Ball) to Blue Division players.
Site Directors explain rules to players, assign matches, keep track and report standings at every session played.

SCJTL match play provides SCJTL players with the opportunity to learn how to manage themselves in competition experience as well as challenge his or her tennis skills against several levels of players.
Short matches provide the experience of making every point count early in the match along with adapting to variety of player necessary for school and tournament competition.
Ultimately, players experience and get comfortable meeting other players in their age group and play matches as part of their recreational, fitness and social experience in tennis.

This site posts Ladder Standings for all SCJTL program. Click the name of the program below to jump to the latest Ladder Standings.

Peformance|Competition Training - Spring

Performance|Competition Training - SUMMER Ladder Standings

Performance|Competition Training - SPRING Ladder Standings

tennis ladder spring


Performance|Competition Training -Fall Ladder Standings

Summer Tennis League Site Ladder Standings

tennis kids competition ladder

tennis kids competition ladder

kids tennis competition ladder

kids tennis competition ladder

Performance|Competition Team Ladder Standings